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Audio Visual Production

Creative film production

At JP Presents Ltd our film production services cover idea generation and script development, through to live-action filming, editing and distribution. We also create photo-real visual effects that bring products and environments to life.



The purpose of our films varies from client to client, as does the platforms they are shared on. As such, we not only produce the film content but we also advise our clients on how best to utilise them. From planning to delivery, we make sure we’re on-hand throughout the process to make the best of the campaign.



In our experience, a carefully considered strategy is paramount to the success of your film. We have engaged with all of our clients on their marketing strategy and we endeavour to make sure our film treatments align with the targeted channels and audience, and adheres to the client’s brand values.



One of the huge benefits of a digital marketing strategy is the potential to measure the success of your video. We can help you quantify and evaluate the campaign and we can refine our work to help maximise ROI.



Whether we’re working directly with our clients to develop the creative route of a project or collaborating closely with marketing and branding agencies, we strive to get the best ideas in front of our clients. Led by our bright and passionate creative producers, we guide our clients along the creative process by developing concepts, scripts and storyboards to meet, and exceed, their expectations.



We work tirelessly to provide our clients with the best conceptual ideas for their project. To help the client visualise the concept, we provide comprehensive treatment documents, together with reference images, mood films and detailed explanations.



What’s in a word? Well, quite a lot actually! That’s why we employ talented copywriters who can beautifully and accurately portray what you want to say in your film. Whether it is with a joke, a piece of prose or snappy marketing messages, we can write engaging scripts for any purpose.



This is the first stage in the pre-production pipeline where you can really get a feel for what your film is going to look like. As such, we employ storyboard artists who can fully visualise our concepts and map out the structure of the film.



Pre-visualisations are similar to animations but incorporate wireframe visual effects and CGIs to the animated storyboard. This process confirms shots, camera angles and timings to ensure the production process is as smooth as possible, while also giving our clients a more comprehensive idea of what to expect in the final film.


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