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Talent Procurement

Make Mauritian Talent Shine

Talent procurement, in essence, is matchmaking. Finding the ideal performer, artist, or celebrity to participate – or headline – a particular event requires the ability to align values and purposes. Smart talent procurement assesses celebrities and performers based not only on their popularity and pop-culture status, but also their internal passions.

Consumers connect with passion because it is powerful and sincere. Passion is real. Passion is accessible. Marketing strategies that leverage passion to communicate values gain access to the hearts and minds of consumers.

Though the performers and venues may change according to scale, the principle that drives effective talent procurement does not. Matching a performer’s values with consumer sensibilities is paramount to creating memorable experiences and brand awareness.

JP Presents Ltd has strong relationships with celebrities, performers, and artists who have taken part in many of our experiential events and strategies. Our team invests significant time and energy into developing meaningful relationships, so that we can align our talent with the most engaging venues and inspiring collaborations.

Though many agencies outsource talent procurement to third parties, JP Presents Ltd handles every nuance of these business relationships in-house. This hands-on approach allows us to streamline the process, which reduces costs and saves time. JP Presents Ltd takes great pride in cultivating and maintaining relationships with talent, so we can offer our clients exceptional personalities to bring their brands to life.

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