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Team Building

With an Artistic Diference



The Concept

Witness the experience of a common guy, “Coco”, facing the great adventure of life, projected on stage as a classic movie.

The movie comes alive and the audience will transform into protagonists of this experience, seeing them reflected in “COCO”.


The Interaction

A passive public that will soar from their seats into a flash mob celebration with the complicity of actor and dancers.

Everything happens, in a space where emotions overflow in a real cocktail of memories, euphoria, pleasure and reflection which will be hard to forget.


Break the Mold

Our main goal is to break the mould. (Take the character out of the screen, turn the public into protagonists and transform the room into a dance floor) And everything takes us by surprise.


-We want to connect the public with their memories and emotions, through this experience reevaluate the “here and now”, decided to keep on writing the script of their life. Projecting realities that trigger reflection, to incentivise the senses in an atmosphere of team complicity.

-We imprint emotive memories that bind the individual to the collective. We usually remember moments and people with whom we’ve laughed and cried.


The Experience

“The Shoe”, a tailor made experience – is nothing more than an impactful moment to enjoy together.

Freedom is man's capacity to take a hand in his own development. It is our capacity to mold ourselves.

-We are a manufacturer of moments to be treasured forever.-


Lights Camera Action


Ever fancied being the next Tarantino or Scorsese? We have a variety of different team building events which have film making at their core. Whether you want your team to produce an advert for a new product, or star in their very own Hollywood sitcom, our movie making events are guaranteed to get the whole team involved.

With a range of movie making challenges that can be tailored to your requirements, be sure to give your team an event they won’t forget. Our movie making events strengthen inter-colleague relations, and provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which participants can bond and enjoy themselves.



Think you know your 'Mean Streets' better than Scorsese? Think you could do a better New York 'Taxi Driver' than De Niro? Or would you just like to sit behind a camera, scream 'cut!' at the top of your lungs at everyone in sight while having extraordinarily good looking people vie for your undivided attention? Well we can offer your group the exclusive chance to experience behind the scenes movie-making and have the chance to cut your own versions of a classic film scene, all while creating a totally unique team building experience.



A host will meet and greet your group at a suitable venue. Your group will divide into teams and each team will have all the necessary equipment to produce a movie scene. Each team must assign a director, camera operator, props manager, wardrobe manager, film star and extras. Each team will then have to shoot a scene from a well-known film and these efforts will be put together to create a completely unique (and hilarious) version of the film. Instructors will observe how each team works and award/deduct points accordingly contributing to the final score.



The day will consist of the following activities:

The Shoot:

The directors and camera crew will be briefed by instructors on how long the film must last and how long to allow for shooting and they'll get tips on sound and lighting. Each team decides who will play each role and teams are allowed to film in any style they choose. The only requirement is that the scenes must be filmed in a single take, rewinding the camera is forbidden and will result in negative scoring.


The Premiere:  

After the final director has hollered 'cut!' for the last time each team's scene will be shown in order and the result is a hilarious snap-shot of a Hollywood classic. The entire group along with the host and instructors will be the premiere audience and judging will take place, Hollywood style. Awards will be presented for best costume, best actor, funniest moment, etc.


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