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Gestural & Conventional
The Golden Box

An experience in which the public will cross between reality and fantasy, with the help of "COCO" a common man looking for a golden shoe box, which represents the way to a better life.


The work of experimental character is created and performed by J Prada.


"Coco" is full of doubts and conflicts about his existence as he moves through life, using different shoes that are given and each time getting a kick in the backside, considered as a small incentive or a small reprimand.


Diversion, expression, reflection and complicity is what  J Prada seeks to incite in the audience, looking at  "Anyone's" life or perhaps recognizing oneself in "Coco".



Itinerant theatre and interactive -Terror suspense. 
With the complicity of darkness the audience will be immersed in a strange world, time and space defined with characters who do not know where they come from or who they are. 
A unique experience perfect for lovers of drama, theatre, film and literature.

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